GM Degens Club

Meme project of 4444

NFTs on Cardano blockchain



GM Degens Club

Meme project of 4444

NFTs on Cardano blockchain

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About us

Step right into the whimsical world of GM Degens Club

GM Degens Club is like the VIP lounge of meme NFT collections on the Cardano blockchain. It’s the place where you can embrace your inner degen while diving into the fantastical realm of digital art and community. Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a thrilling ride!

At GM Degens Club, we’re all about mixing dazzling artworks with a heaping dose of community, memes, culture, and even some blockchain magic on Cardano. Our mission? To serve up long-term value by blending the digital and physical realms. So why wait?

Join us and become a part of the extraordinary GM Degens Club community on the Cardano blockchain! It’s like an NFT adventure with a dash of degen fun.

Our Utilities

Versatile project within the Cardano ecosystem

Have you ever heard of Degen utilities?  The best one is at the bottom of the website!!!

OG Degens

OG Pass - what is that?

Utility No. 1
This applies to all mints collections of GMDC collections!
Utility No. 2
Before each mint we will randomly draw 5 OG Passes, while the holders of these passes will receive a completely free mint!
Utility No. 3
The OG Pass is unique because it applies to all next GMDC collections.

Well, this exclusive whitelist is like the golden ticket in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but for the GM Degens Club. It’s a VIP club for community members who’ve earned some serious brownie points, and it comes with a sweet perk – early access to mint GM Degens NFTs before the rest of the world even knows they exist.

Those lucky enough to get the OG Pass label are basically guaranteed a front-row seat to mint a GM Degens Club NFT.
It’s your golden opportunity to grab five of them at a 50% discount compared to the regular mint price. It’s like a NFT bargain bonanza!


Road Map

The Journey of GM Degens Club

June 01, 2023
Step into the enchanting realm of GM Degens Club, a visionary project set to revolutionize Cardano's NFT space. It's a world where NFTs aren't just assets; they're gateways to a thriving and connected community.
July-March, 2023-2034
Our odyssey kicked off with the birth of art so mesmerizing, it practically became the beating heart of GM Degens Club. This project is like a creative whirlwind, where imagination runs wild! Our Twitter launch wasn't just the beginning; it was a daring proclamation of our commitment to organic growth and nurturing a thriving community
April 2024
Minting is not just a transaction; it's the birth of a GM Degen, a piece of digital art that will have a profound impact on the NFT landscape. OG pass holders enjoy an exclusive first look at this revolution, at a discounted price (50% OFF and mineable to max 5x GM Degens).
July-December 2023
GM Degens Club is the manifestation of artistic brilliance within the Cardano ecosystem. It's more than just an NFT collection; it's an artistic revolution driven by a shared passion for CNFTs.
August 2023 - January 2024
The OG Passes represent our gratitude to early supporters and come with perks that transform them into exclusive keys to the world of GM Degens, offering a glimpse of the extraordinary.

Team Members

Our Amazing Team





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Frequently Aksed Questions

The mint price will be announced after the mint date is announced. Of course, we will set it to be affordable for everybody, we assume it will be around 10 ADA. Of course, OG pass holders will have half price. Everything will be announced in advance.

We are still in the community building stage. Once we have a large enough Degen community, we will announce the mint date. We tentatively expect a mint at the turn of 2023/2024

It will all depend on the size of our community. We want the number of our NFTs to be proportionate to the number of members in the community.

We would definitely like to mint through

The holder of the OG pass will be able to mint 5 NFTs for the OG price. As for the public mint, there will be the only one limit of 10 NFTs per transaction.

Rarity will be posted on CNFT Tools website ( after mint.

Thanks to staking GM Degen NFTs, you’ll be able to earn Degen tokens, which you can use to either change the text on the Degen board or exchange them for purchasing merchandise. Also, keep in mind that this will help increase the value of the NFT.

Please check this FAQ first before contacting us.

NFT Customization

Re-generating your Degen is like hitting the NFT refresh button. It's your "choose your own adventure" moment to craft an NFT that's one-of-a-kind, because who wants a basic NFT anyway? Ever dreamed of leaving your personal mark on your NFT? Well, dream no more! Thanks to our one-of-a-kind re-generation system on the Cardano blockchain, you can do just that. Imagine being the proud owner of a Degen with an asset board – they're like the rare unicorns of the NFT world. Why? Because their lucky owners can switch up the text these Degens are holding. It's like having a personal NFT chameleon at your fingertips!
Recreate your Degen Board
Personalize your own text on your Degen NFT!